The Rewind Technique Explained

The Rewind Technique is a non-intrusive, safe and highly effective psychological method for de-traumatising people, which can also be used for removing phobias and PTSD issues. It should be carried out by an experienced therapist and is carried out once the client is in a state of deep relaxation. When they are fully relaxed, the client gently brings their anxiety to the surface and then are brought back down to a relaxed state again by  the therapist. The individuals relaxed state is then made deeper and they are asked to imagine that, in their own unique safe place, they have a TV set and a video player with a remote control . The client is then asked to imagine floating to one side, out of body, and to see themselves watching the screen, without actually seeing what is on the screen (creating a double dissociation). They watch themselves watching the traumatic event that is still affecting them. The film begins at a point before the trauma happened and ends at a point at which the trauma is finished and they feel safe again. The person is  then asked to imagine  floating back into their body and experience themselves going swiftly backwards through the trauma, from beginning point to end point just as if they were a character in a video that is being rewound. The client then watches these images but on the TV screen while they are pressing the fast forward button (dissociation). All this is repeated backwards and forward at the speed client feels comfortable with as many times as needed, until  the scenes bring forth no emotion from the client. If the feared circumstance is something that will possibly be experienced again in the future such as driving a car the client is asked, while still relaxed, to see themselves doing this with confidence. ​​​​​​​

Certificate in The Rewind Technique- Uncommon Knowledge (training recognised by the Red Poppy Company)

"With twenty years of clinical expertise in mental health Simon uses the Rewind Technique in Egham, Hounslow, Heathrow Airport, Staines, Ashford in Middlesex, Stanwell, Laleham, Bedfont, Feltham, Windsor, Wentworth, Virginia Water, Englefield Green, Wraysbury, Thorpe Park, Woking, Colnbrook, Chertsey, Sunbury, Ascot, Eton, Addlestone, Richmond upon Thames, Twickenham, Slough, Shepperton, Datchet and surrounding areas in 2017."

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