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Hi my name is Simon and after a long period of agoraphobia resulting from a traumatic period in my life I made the life changing decision of training to become a therapist. I first qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist over 20 years ago at St Charles Hospital (London) and then went on to gain my qualifications in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and crisis, trauma and PTSD counselling at the highly regarded Centre for Stress Management (London) where I also qualified in critical incident stress debriefing (CISD). In addition to my trauma based training I have recently gained a qualification in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). I was attached to the Trauma Support Centre as a therapist in Bromley where the team were on call in the event of a critical incident. This would involve major incidents such as dealing with a train derailment. After working in this environment for a number of years I started my own private practice near me which is still going strong in 2019. In conjunction with my private practice I worked as an NHS cognitive behavioural therapist and counsellor at Hatton Medical Practice dealing with a wide range of issues via GP referral. The presenting problems spanned from treatment for mild depression to overcoming thoughts of suicide. From 2001 to 2011 I was running cognitive behavioural therapy workshops for treatment of anxiety issues, confidence building, assertiveness training, anger management, self esteem and stop smoking groups based at a mental health centre near me for adult men and women. I also oversaw an NHS recommended "Beating the Blues" computerised cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) programme to help in dealing with mild to moderate depression and anxiety at the Centre. The staff worked with the therapists, community mental health teams (CMHT) , the NHS and social workers involved in the clients mental health care to ensure a balanced treatment plan was put into place. The Centre received an award given by GlaxoSmithKline as a Centre of Excellence. 

My Private Practice

My private practice is based in Egham, Surrey, UK which is located about ten minutes drive from the Royal Borough of Windsor located in Berkshire. I offer late opening hours during the week from 11am to 9pm and also Saturday morning sessions at my Egham High Street practice for both my face to face CBT and telephone CBT sessions as I fully understand that out of office opening times are sometimes the only option available to my clients. My face to face sessions can also include using Virtual Reality Exposure therapy for client,s with phobias where VRET treatment has been proving to be a very effective addition to my therapy tool set and virtual reality cognitive behavioural therapy (VR-CBT) is also very helpful in dealing with other anxiety issues . Part of my therapeutic work at present is using my specialist expertise in anxiety disorders to work with clients who have experienced trauma and PTSD symptoms as a result of road traffic collisions / RTC via insurance companies and I am also a member of the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology which is an international humanitarian assistance organisation comprised of fully qualified Traumatologists and Compassion Fatigue service providers. I also offer telephone administered cognitive behavioural therapy sessions and an on-line telephone counselling service that is also Skype enabled for the treatment of men and women who may be housebound, disabled, live in remote areas or have no immediate contact with family or friends, have agoraphobia or just prefer this therapy approach. I have an online Skype name and this treatment method is available worldwide to all British expatriates and English speaking residents of any country. The cost of the face to face CBT treatment is 60 per hour and the price of the telephone/skype sessions are 40 per hour. Locations covered for my face to face therapy near me include Staines upon Thames, Ashford, Wentworth, Wraysbury, Slough, Windsor, Sepperton, Sunbury on Thames, Feltham, Chertsey, Wentworth, Bedfont, Virginia Waters, Bagshot, Windlesham, Ottershaw, Addlestone, Cobham, Sunninghill, Sunningdale etc based in Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire and London. Alongside my therapeutic work for personal development I am also involved in the running of social networking community groups located in the Borough of Hounslow. Please bear in mind that although I specialise in PTSD and trauma the resulting symptoms can include anxiety, depression, phobia, anger, sleep disruption, substance abuse, relationship problems and self-esteem issues.
Karen Adaway  ( Humanistic Counsellor )
Karen is a Humanistic Counsellor using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered, Existential and Gestalt treatment techniques who works alongside me at the Practice and, apart from dealing with a wide range of issues specialises as a female counsellor in building back up the self worth of women who are or who have been in abusive relationships and clients with alcohol and substance abuse issues. To book an appointment with her please telephone her on 07747426413 or email her at
Issues I Deal With
Abuse, PTSD, addictions, agoraphobia, alcohol dependence, road traffic collisions / RTC, anger management, anxiety management, assertiveness training, bipolar disorder, body dysmorphic disorder / BDD, bullying, childhood issues, codependency, compulsive behaviour, concentration, depression, drug abuse, pathological gambling, impulsive behaviour, generalised anxiety disorder / GAD, addictive personality disorder, morbid jealousy, low self confidence, kleptomania, low self esteem, shyness, men's issues, specific phobia, health anxiety, negative thought patterns, nail biting, obsessive compulsive disorder / OCD, obsessive compulsive personality disorder / OCBD, panic disorder, panic attacks, performance anxiety, phobias, personal growth, relationship problems, redundancy, negative core beliefs, social anxiety disorder, self development, sleep disorders, procrastination, stopping smoking, social phobia, stress management, suicidal thoughts, sports performance, trauma, trichotillomania, weight loss, work related stress, blushing, bruxism, eating disorders, exam nerves,  insomnia, stammering, perfectionism, self blame etc-please feel free to contact me if you have a specific disorder, problem or issue for treatment not listed here.



For more in depth information or to book a free initial consultation please telephone :

Mobile: 07931 134 192


"With over a 20 years e of clinical expertise in mental health Simon practises as a therapist based in Egham, Hounslow, , Staines, upon Thames, Ashford in Middlesex, Stanwell, Laleham, Windsor, Sunbury, Englefield Green, Bedfont, Feltham, Virginia Waters, Wraysbury, Thorpe , Chertsey, Shepperton, Colnbrook, Ascot, Eton, Richmond upon Thames, Twickenham, Slough, Datchet, Weybridge, Sunninghill, Heathrow, Sunningdale, Cobham, Chobham, Lyne, Ottershaw , New Haw, Horton, Hanworth, Hersham, Langley in the Counties of Surrey, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire in 2019"


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